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Le Mini Macaron – Rouge Coquelicot Gel Polish Color

DKK 130,00

DKK 130,00

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Le Mini Macaron – Rouge Coquelicot Gel Polish Color

DKK 130,00

Gel nail polish, is a very special type of nail polish. Gel polish needs to be set and dried with a UV or LED lamp, whereas normal nail polish will dry with air. The benefits of gel polish is that it lasts longer than normal nail polish, while keeping your nails at a reduced risk of flossing or breaking.

The 3i1 formula combines base coat, color and top coat in one lacquer. No need to clean afterwards!

You get the same high quality and shine as a professional salon – just much cheaper.

With the gel nail kit and gel nail polish you can make your very own gel manicure for a much lower price than if you were going to a salon.

3i1 varnish that lasts for up to 10 days and is ready and dry after just 30 seconds under the LED lamp. The polish is easily removed with the Remover Kit.

2 på lager

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Rouge Coquelicot

Single Gel Polish Color
Beautiful strong red, for a fabulous look.