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Le Mini Macaron – Clips

DKK 120,00

DKK 120,00

2 på lager

Le Mini Macaron – Clips

DKK 120,00

10 pcs. Remover Clips per package.

With the Removal Clips it’s faster and easier to remove your gel polish! The Removal Clips are specially designed for you to use with the Le Mini Macaron Remover pads – Simply apply the clips over your pads to make sure they do not slip off. The remover liquid will be even more concentrated with the lacquer, as virtually no air will be let in.

How To:

File off the top layer of the varnish.
Open a Pad and close it tightly around your finger.
Then put a Removal Clip over your pad.
Let it work for 10-15 minutes.
Push off polish with cuticle pen.

2 på lager

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